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Hey I listened to the arcade fire's new single over the phone but I couln't hear it as well as I would have liked. Has anone got a link or anything?
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This Wikipedia entry indicates Wake Up as the latest single, and I'm not fully savvy with this group though I do have Funeral, and the last track on that album is Wake Up. I also have Cold Wind and the s/t EP. Do tell if Wake Up is the track you have in mind and I'll up it.
Um yeah, I've seen that but check this out: http://www.andpop.com/article/7796. It's called "intervention." I think the name of the album is Neon Bible.


December 30 2006, 22:01:14 UTC 10 years ago

http://ul4.rapidshare.com/files/7711327/intervention.mp3 ...if you didn't find it